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Why Me?

You Should be Choosy about Who You Invite into Your Home

Are you leery of letting just anyone into your home? There are some scary looking folks out there that can make you pretty uncomfortable coming into your home. You probably would rather not invite a convicted felon in to case out your property or to hire some fly-by-night shyster who takes your money, does a shoddy job & then is long gone when you try to contact them to stand behind their work. I certainly understand that and can sympathize with the uneasiness  you might have in choosing a handyman. That's why I want to tell you a few things about myself.

Who Am I and What is my Background?

My name is Casey Adam Smith. I'm a Christian experienced handyman who grew up watching & helping my dad with all kinds of home repair projects, learning the value of good workmanship and dealing fairly & honestly with others. I'm also a family man & homeowner in Oklahoma City (and I happen to be the president of my neighborhood association)....so I understand the importance of keeping up your home. Rest assured, I'm going to be here if you need to call me later. 

Furthermore, I've never been convicted of a felony and while it's kind of unusual in my field, I'm a college grad .....who discovered I don't really like sitting at a desk for 8 hours. But I do get to use my problem solving skills, math skills, resourcefulness, and people skills I learned in school and past desk jobs so I can apply those things to the handyman services you get from me.

How You Will Be Treated When You Use My Handyman Services

One thing you won't get is a surly attitude from me, like some repairmen who treat you as if you know nothing. While I'll make some recommendations, you're the one making the decisions on what you want and how you want it done and you'll be treated with respect.

Tired of Contractors who Don't Show Up and Don't Even Bother to Call?

With today's busy schedules, it really throws a monkey's wrench in your day when you take off from work waiting for the contractor who was supposed to come at 8:00 and at noon you still haven't seen or heard from him.

If you have an appointment with me, and if I find that I will be delayed by 30 minutes or more (as we know sometimes there are unavoidable delays when a previous job runs into unforseen problems), I will call you and let you know so you won't be left hanging. Your time is valuable and I will treat it as such.

When You Hire Me You Get Me.... Not another Laborer sent out who You Didn't Hire

While some companies have large crews and the person you talked to will not be showing up at your job, I'm a one man operation for the most part (there might be some instances where I would bring a helper) and so you'll be getting me......the person you hired.....instead of someone you've never talked to and know nothing about.

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